Our range of SticKeysTM keyboard stickers is like no other. With our patent-pending design for all-in-one application, the days of applying stickers one at a time to each individual key are over!

We have hundreds of designs suitable for the makes and models of all major tech brands. These include SticKeysTM for 15 different languages, specially made for EU and USA keyboard layouts.

On our sub-brand Refurbo, we also sell SticKeysTM for hard of sight, early learning, learning aids for those with dyslexia, and keyboard shortcuts for Adobe, gaming, Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase. If any of these additional products are of interest, please contact a member of our Sales team for more information.

Please see a list of our SticKeys™ range below

Apple Macbooks

Apple Macbook Air 11″ A1465 US Belgian, UK
Apple Macbook Air 11″ A1465 EU UK
Apple Macbook Air A1466 US US,UK,Belgian
Apple Macbook Air A1466 EU UK
Apple Macbook A1278 US US,UK,Belgian
Apple Macbook A1278 EU UK
Apple Macbook A1502 Retina US US,UK,Belgian
Apple Macbook A1502 Retina EU UK
Apple Macbook A1398 US UK
Apple Macbook A1398 EU UK
Apple Macbook A1297 US US
Apple Macbook A1297 EU  
Apple A1990 EU  
Apple A1990 US US
Apple Magic A1314 EU French,German,Italian,Spanish


Dell E7470 EU UK
Dell E7470 US UK
Dell 3340 US UK


HP 650 G1 EU US
HP 650 G2 EU US
HP 820 G3 EU US
HP 840 G1/G2 EU UK,US
HP 840 G1/G2 US  
HP 840 G3 EU US,UK,Belgian(in progress)
HP 840 G3 US  
HP 9470 EU US,German,Belgian
HP 9470 US  
HP 6560B EU US
HP 6570B EU US


Lenovo N21 US UK
Lenovo T450 US US
Lenovo V15- IWL 81YE EU Spanish
Lenovo X240 EU UK


Toshiba Portege Z20T US UK

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