Keyboard Printing Process

The process of keyboard reprinting starts by designing the new keyboard layout in line with your needs.

This starts with the process of designing the new keyboard layout in line with your business needs. Next, the design is loaded into our printing software and transferred onto the device.

Our printing department has the latest high-tech machinery with a turnaround of 1000 pieces per day.  We can change languages and refurbish worn keyboards to look brand new. We provide you with all the advantages of a new keyboard:  so you get what you want at a cost-effective price. 


Keyboard Printing

Everything you need on one site, including printing and spraying facilities. This gives us the edge over other refurbishment companies.

Our printing department:

  • uses cutting edge UV printers to print directly on the keyboard and lid surfaces.
  • achieves incredibly precise and long-lasting finishes
  • can offer different lid redecoration methods depending on the laptop’s exterior material

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Be part of the solution: the refurbished and circular economy, creating quality products, while protecting the planet.

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