Please take the following steps to create a secure buying account with us:

Fill in the Account Registration Form

Please take the following steps to create a secure buying account with us:

Complete Account Registration Form

We understand that you need to deliver for your customers, making the process of buying and activating software and licenses of the utmost importance for your business to run smoothly.

When you choose CFA as your provider, we take our customer service seriously because your business depends on it. We want your experience buying from us to be simple, easy and hassle-free.

Effortless monthly reporting

Reporting only needs to take place once a month, via a quick update of a spreadsheet that we will supply. We want you to have more time to invest in helping your customers, instead of filling out extensive paperwork.

A quick reference guide to your contract

Here’s a helpful overview of the agreement you made when signing up to work with CFA so you can refer back to it whenever you wish:

You have agreed to:
  • Not resell Microsoft Refurbished licenses purchased through CFA Ltd.
  • Affix licences to the relevant product before the product leaves your premises.
  • Complete the monthly reporting spreadsheet accurately and return it to CFA Ltd on the 1st of each month (or nearest working day to 1st month, should this date fall on a weekend or bank holiday).
  • Contact CFA Ltd for advice on the most efficient way to scan and track COAs.
  • Ask CFA Ltd for guidance on how to use the Aiken Workbench tracking and reporting tool for Windows COAs.
  • Invoice customers with the COAs included on the equipment line (not written on a separate line). For example: HP 840 G1 With Windows 10 Pro COA and Load.
  • If an Eligible Device is Refurbished, a new Windows license must be purchased and installed.
  • Use the MAR logo and collateral if you are a TPR buying over a 1,000 COAs a month.
  • Give the end user the instructions to download a Windows image and restore Windows and show them where the Microsoft Media Creation tool is.
  • Only allocate Citizenship Licenses to non-profit organisations like schools and charities.

Failure to abide by this agreement could result in your CFA Ltd account being terminated and Microsoft terminating your status as a TPR.

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