Expert and efficient 3D printing solutions.

We can address all your 3D printing needs from concept to finished product. We offer a bespoke service directly focused on what you want. Our state- of- the- art printers mean you can be confident of a high quality end product, using the latest technologies and materials.

The Process

3 simple steps to successful 3D printing.   

We can produce almost any idea, from a model in flexible plastic, to fully functioning components.

The design and model
Do you have it ready to print or do you need us to design it for you?
With our professional 3D printing experts to create your design together or give them a technical drawing to work from.
We will model the design for you and calculate the length of the process.
Our extensive print rooms offer the latest 3D printing equipment.

We offer quality printing using:

10 SLA (Stereolithography apparatus) printers

Models are built layer by layer using a liquid resin hardened by curing the material using focused or UV light.  Good for higher resolution, smoother models with finer details.





20 FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) printers
A strand of material or filament is deposited in layers to create the 3D printed object. This is then fed through a hot extruder to make the material soft and deposited layer by layer to make the object. Good for lower resolution, harder durability, mass production.
1 Special Material Printer For more specialised needs.

We use:

  • SLA (resin) flexible or resistant
  • FDM
  • Carbon fibre.

Whatever your company requirements we will work with you to ensure you have the best solution for your individual needs. You can be confident with our printroom staff that you will get a personal service, based on our expertise in the field of 3D printing. We are excited by the possibilities of 3D printing large or small, in all areas of business life.

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